Our mission at Martineau & Company is to provide our select clientele with every possible advantage in the management of their personal and business holdings by providing them superior services with strategic planning, implementation, monitoring and fulfillment of their personal and business financial plans, custom tailored to their individual needs.

Our staff and affiliated professionals are experts in the laws and regulations affecting the financial well-being of our clients and their families. Our collective range of expertise and professional experience in the architecture and development of cutting-edge and compliant financial plans result in tangible financial benefits.

Our unique suite of financial and management consulting services targets the following crucial areas:

Tax Planning, Preparation and Reduction
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Although often neglected and not adequately utilized, many options exist for all who pay taxes to plan their finances in such a way as to minimize taxable income and maximize legitimate deductions, thereby reducing federal, state and local taxes. Our staff and affiliated professionals assist and support our select clientele and their financial and legal advisors in the structuring of assets and business entities and interests to take maximum advantage of IRS and other regulatory rules and regulations. We assist our clients in becoming informed taxpayers who conduct their tax planning in accordance with a strategic plan as a key element of their personal and business financial strategy.

Asset and Privacy Protection
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Sheltering assets so that they can be protected legally and protecting privacy are the underlying principals of asset and privacy protection. Offering maximum security, the guiding principles of our philosophy is the fact that the key to effectively protecting assets and privacy is adequate advance preparation and implementation. This can include establishing domestic and foreign entities and the utilization of our affiliated professional representation within those foreign domiciles to most effectively protect your personal and business privacy and maximize anonymity from third party litigants and tax and regulatory agencies when desired. Ask us how this can be done to fit your individual needs.

Entity Structuring, Implementation and Fulfillment
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We offer an array of entity structuring, implementation and fulfillment services through our affiliated service providers located in strategic domestic and foreign domiciles. Services are structured to best fit the needs of our select clientele. These services include corporate and other entity set-up, corporate checking account set-up, registered/resident agent representation, corporate presence office packages, corporate officer and director representation, and a variety of additional services designed to maximize the anonymity required or desired by our clientele. These services are customized to your individual needs to most effectively minimize income taxes, provide privacy and asset protection, and anonymity from third party litigants and others.

Estate Planning
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Like taxes and the collection action of a litigant, death will not wait for the preparation of last-minute desperate plans for the distribution of assets. Again, our philosophy is predicated upon advance preparation, since there is no cure for the unfortunate situation that inevitably arises from passing without a valid estate plan in place. In the final analysis, the benefits of a lifetime of effort can be distributed either according to the plans of the person who earned them, or the plans of an unknown outside party. The difference in these two scenarios is the implementation of a carefully planned and fully implemented estate plan.

Retirement Planning
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Our position on retirement planning revolves around the concept of wealth accumulation and resulting affluence through the development and implementation of successful strategic retirement and related investment plans. We offer dynamic alternatives, including assisting with setting up "self-directed" IRA and Roth IRA plans properly structured to maximize your retirement funds and minimize and even eliminate entirely income taxes on distributions. These alternatives can include investments in real estate, including raw land and leveraged properties, distressed properties, real estate contracts, private stock offerings, Limited Liability Companies, tax lien certificates, and many other innovative options. We can show you how to create a team to maximize your after tax retirement dollars. In addition, to compensate for the lack of legal safeguards in most states for retirement funds, our plans generally involve some degree of asset protection to ensure the security of our client's future.

All through your professional life you work as hard as you can, looking forward to those golden retirement years. The last thing you want is to be forced to work beyond normal retirement age.

There are many plans that can be utilized in saving for your retirement, including traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP, 401(k), and others. We can provide you with a sophisticated plan to help you accomplish your retirement dreams and goals, thereby enjoy those golden years of leisurely retirement.

Management Consulting
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We provide businesses with the opportunity to take advantage of our professional, experienced problem assessment and solution implementation. This is the foundation for future enhanced profits and performance. This includes business plans, strategic planning, corporate structuring and finance, and sales and marketing, providing solutions to a myriad of business problems. Building upon these conceptual areas, we will effectively and efficiently prepare a personal and business plan, custom-tailored to our select clientele's needs, including plan implementation and fulfillment.

CFO Part-Time Virtual and In-Person Local Services
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If you can't hire a full time CFO, Martineau & Company LLC, CPA's offers part-time virtual and in-person CFO services for businesses in need of professional tax, financial and management skills and expertise and related administrative direction. serving businesses throughout and outside the United States.

Attestation and Assurance Services
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One of the challenges facing business managers is managing information and insuring the reliability of that information.

Martineau and Company provides an array of business assurance services which includes:

  • Pre-audit review and remediation
  • Reviews and compilations
  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Other assurance services.

    With the enactment of Sarbanes-Oxley legislation and subsequent government oversight and enforcement, we ceased our audit services in 2002, after over three decades of providing auditing services to our clients.

    Now we specialize in "pre-audit" review and remediation services of businesses that require an audit, preparing and sanitizing the record keeping and financials of those businesses before their independent auditors arrive, typically at a fraction of the cost of their independent auditors. Even though you may not choose to have a financial statement audit, review, compilation or other form of attestation; an owner, lender, bank, investor or regulatory agency may nonetheless set that requirement for you. It has been our experience that this same financial information can be critically essential to management for effective day-to-day decision making. However, when you do have a need for such services, we can advise and assist you in making such an experience go smoothly and efficiently. We can also provide you advise and counsel that goes well beyond the financial statements and their presentation, including advise relating to your accounting and reporting systems, daily business decisions and financial performance.

    Tax Services
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    Individuals and Business Entities
    Tax laws and regulations are constantly changing and becoming more complex. Personal and business entity tax planning and coordination is crucial to equalize and minimize your overall taxes. We accomplish this by listening to you, asking the right questions, and helping you evaluate and then implement the most favorable overall personal and business financial strategies. Although often neglected or incompletely utilized, the option exists for any who pay taxes to plan their finances in such a way as to reduce taxable income and maximize legitimate deductions and thereby minimize federal, state and local taxes. Perhaps the most famous quote from Judge Learned Hand states:
    "Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible; he is not bound to choose that pattern which best pays the treasury. There is not even a patriotic duty to increase one's taxes. Over and over again the Courts have said that there is nothing sinister in so arranging affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible. Everyone does it, rich and poor alike and all do right, for nobody owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands."
    We represent and defend a diverse clientele in IRS and other regulatory agencies in civil and criminal income tax examinations (audits), virtual currencies transactions examinations (audits), and including related tax, penalties and interest liability mitigation, installment payment agreements and offers in compromise.

    We support our clients and their other financial and legal advisors in the structuring of assets and business interests to take maximum advantage of IRS and other regulatory agencies rules and regulations, and we assist them in becoming informed taxpayers who conduct their strategic tax planning in accordance with a coordinated intelligent and prudent financial plan.

    One of the critical decisions in doing business is the selection of the way the entity is structured, i.e. regular "C" Corporation, "S" Corporation, Limited Liability Company ("LLC"), :Limited Partnership, etc. This decision can have either a positive or negative influence upon your tax situation, and we specialize in assisting our clientele in choosing the proper entity structure to best provide for the highest degree of asset protection and lowest possible tax costs.

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    Management devotes a great deal of time and expense to record their financial information within complex accounting systems and databases. We can assist management with designing a flexible and modern financial reporting system to access, organize and manage that same information.

    We are registered Professional Advisors for QuickBooks products, including Enterprise Solutions, Accountants' Premier Edition, Contractor Edition, Manufacturing & Wholesale Edition, Professional Services Edition, and Retail Edition. We can assist you with designing systems to meet your financial reporting needs or help you resolve any problems you are having with your existing systems.

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    Tax and Financial Planning - Analysis and review of client's financial information with a view to assisting them to achieve the most appropriate domestic and foreign entity structuring to minimize domestic and foreign federal, state and local taxes, provide maximum asset protection, and personal estate and retirement planning.
    Accounting - Data entry of accounting records, preparation of trial balances, balance sheets, income statements, statement of cash flows and other types of financial statements.
    Offshore Services - Affiliate preparation of International Business Companies (IBCs) and Offshore Trusts. Our affiliates are able to serve as Registered Agents, Trustees, Investment Advisors, Corporate Director(s) and Nominee Shareholder(s), as well as provide office facilities for IBCs, and Local Companies; and such premises can also be the Registered address of Companies.
    Preparation of Tax Returns - Preparation of tax returns for legal persons, corporate or natural: Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Gross Receipt Tax (GRT), Capital Transfer Tax, Estate Duty, Value Added Tax (VAT), Business Taxes.
    Company Formation - Setting up of local companies and International Business Companies (IBC). Our affiliates can be agents for set up of foreign companies in a wide range of foreign jurisdictions.
    Business and Management Consulting - Preparation of business plans, advice in setting up a business, assistance with operation of the business, preparation of surveys and study and evaluation of business and industries.
    Financial Planning - Advice on how best to use assets to provide for present and future needs. Advice given on tax, insurance, investments, stocks, bonds, bills of exchange, loans, credit (whether trade or non-trade), pension plans, Social Security, mortgages, house purchase, sale, repurchase. Assistance to beneficiary under estates, trusts, company reorganizations or restructuring.
    Tax Concessions - Application to various governments for tax concessions and liaisons with Ministry(ies) of Economic Development, where available. This includes preparation of projected financial statements and justifications for grant of the concession. Services are also offered for applications to the government when assets are brought into the country and liaisons with Customs Department and Customs Brokers.
    Trust Services and Administration of Estates - Setting up of Trust Companies and providing affiliate services as trustee and Executor or Administrator of Estates. Other affiliate services offered include filing for letters of administration and letters or probate, counting valuation of fixed assets and inventory and reporting to the Courts and client about the administration of the estate, arranging transfers of land from the Estate to the beneficiary and taking care of all land matters.
    Marketing and Trade - Affiliates to operate as marketing agent(s) by being a contact person and as a source of product dissemination and display, responsible for the promotion of products within the country and protection of the manufacturer's copyrights, trademarks and patents in each domicile. Preparation of Marketing Surveys and Plans for all product types and for all sectors of the economy.
    Advice on trade, assistance in facilitating trade and involvement in all operational aspects where requested. Liaisons on behalf of the client with Port Authority(ies) and Customs Departments and handling the logistics between the Ports of Entry and eventual delivery to the consumer.
    Registered Office for Company - Provide affiliate services as registered office and local agent for companies. Can also file annual company returns to the Registry, and tax returns to all required Income Tax Departments. Rental of P.O. Box and provision for office space, facilities and administrative/secretarial support.
    Permits and Licenses - Application for permits and licenses of all types for Corporate and natural persons whether for commercial, residential or industrial purposes: private or public.
    Drafting of Documents - Affiliate legal services and assistance with drafting of documents for business, employment or pleasure.
    Technical and Business Advice for People Who are Starting a Business - Advice on where to locate, what types of business forms to adopt, the advantages and disadvantages of each form. Advice on whether to lease, rent or purchase, and sources of financing available in each case. Market survey and investigation of market size. Advice on forms needed and licenses permits required along with reports to be filed with the appropriate authorities. Provision for affiliate secretarial and other business services to persons commencing a business.
    Brokerage - Brokerage may consist of registering International Business Companies with an affiliate investment advisor or an affiliate trader in one jurisdiction or another, such as Cayman Islands, Unites States of American or Europe. Through brokerage accounts an investor will be able to place monies in Mutual Funds, Bonds, Equities, Money Market Funds, US Treasury Securities or hold a portfolio, which is a combination of all or some of the above.

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