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At Martineau & Company our goal and overriding objective as "Architects of Affluence" is to provide the highest quality of accounting, attestation, tax, consulting and advisory services with the highest levels of professionalism to a select clientele.

As "Architects of Affluence", we utilize our experience, expertise and acumen, and of our consortium of affiliated strategic independent professionals and specialists, in engineering and implementing the structure, accumulation and retention of our clients' personal and business estates, all to assist our select clientele in achieving the highest level of affluence possible.

We accomplish this through the strategic application of our unique combination of techniques, including:

  • Planning and implementing the most advantageous entity
    structuring, including establishing domestic and foreign
    entities and complete professional representation.

  • Legally reducing taxes, both personal and corporate

  • Protecting assets and privacy, and maximizing anonymity
    when desired.

  • Maximizing profitability

  • Defining a strategic foundation to establish tactical direction

  • Organizing and logically structuring the personal and business estates

  • Implementing an effective asset accumulation strategy

  • Defining equitable exit strategies

  • Restructuring liquidity and capital requirements.

    As "Synergistic Partners", our collaborative services and relationships with our clients bring specific value by maximizing their success in accomplishing the basic processes of accumulating, maximizing, preserving, protecting, and passing on the fruits of their labors. We are uniquely positioned, in concert with our business affiliates, to facilitate the accumulation and retention of personal and business resources and resulting affluence, regardless of personal income level or the industry in which business is conducted.

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